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How to wear layers in winter with merino wool clothing *

The first rule of dressing for winter is simple: thou shalt layer.

Layering, especially with hardworking pieces like merino wool clothing, is the most efficient way to keep warm, as the layers create pockets of warm air for extra insulation.

It’s also an easy way to keep yourself at the perfect temperature during the cooler months as you go from icy mornings to sunny afternoons, and heated offices to the chilly outdoors – just remove and add items as you need.

Here are a few simple tips on how to wear layers in winter:

- Choose your fabrics wisely. Australian merino wool clothing is a great option as it’s light and soft but it naturally traps heat between the fibres, making it much warmer than a synthetic fabric of the same weight. It also breathes, meaning you don’t get clammy under your warm clothes.

- Avoid the Michelin-man aesthetic. For a more polished look, opt for fine layers rather than bulky ones. A long-sleeved merino wool T-shirt and a thin wool jumper under a coat is a better option than two thick sweaters.

- Keep some structure. If you are going for bulky coats and long cardigans up top, opt for fitted skirts or tailored work pants for women on the bottom.

- Accessories are key to good layering. Soft merino beanies, gloves and merino accessories are a stylish way to add extra layers of warmth to your outfit and protect your extremities from the cold air. Don’t forget a wool scarf to seal up the gap between your coat and your beanie, and wool socks to keep your feet toasty.

- It’s all about that base. This is your most important layer, so if you’re only going to invest in one good piece of merino wool clothing this winter, make it a fine long-sleeved merino wool T-shirt that keeps you warm and looks great when you heat up enough to take the outer layers off.

- Consider your underwear. Wearing thermal underwear, including briefs or boxers and a singlet, adds a key layer to any outfit to give you more cool-weather options. No one will know you’re layering!

- Work those neutrals. A winter wardrobe of neutrals – greys, browns, black and white – lets you mix and match layers endlessly.

- Clash patterns. Alternatively, if you’re feeling bold, try wearing clashing patterns and colours and letting the under layers peek through. Just look for pieces which share a common element such as tonal colours to tie them together.

- Wrap it up. Shawls and capes are a fun alternative to coats as a top layer on warmer days. They are particularly good when travelling as they can also be worn as a scarf and can act as a blanket for airplane travel.

If you’re on the hunt for some more layers to add to your cold-weather wardrobe, check out our great range of winter clothes online now.

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